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More and more, Canadians are warming up to the idea of utilizing a geo-exchange system to heat and cool their homes.  Whether it is due to the amazingly low operating costs, the superior levels of comfort or simply the desire to ‘Go Green’, geo-exchange is gaining traction amongst economically minded and environmentally conscious home owners. 

Since Geo-exchange systems use a renewable resource, which is efficient and non-polluting, replacing a fossil fuel system with geothermal immediately cuts household energy emissions by 50%, the equivalent of taking four cars off the road.

Whether it is a retrofit of an existing home or a brand new house being built, GeoTap Energy provides all the necessary services required to design and install a geo-exchange system in your home.

Residential customers should also be aware of the reintroduction of the ‘ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes Program’.  Under the program, homeowners are eligible for cash grants when they retrofit their home to a geo-exchange system or replace an already existing heat pump.  Receive up to $4,375 when you install a complete system and $1,750 when you replace an existing heat pump.


For more information on this program please go to the Natural Resources Canada website

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